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CLASSES BANNERA regular yoga practice can bring positive changes into your life, both physically and mentally.

You are welcome to take any of our yoga classes but if you are a beginner, please let the teacher know. We recommend new students to take slower pace classes, they will give you the opportunity to explore postures and vinyasa from the first breath.

We will be happy to support your Yoga Path!


This class emphasizes the practice of linking ones breath with the movement of the body. In Vinyasa you will build strength and flexibility while focusing on good alignment. The sequences vary from class to class making each session a unique experience.

This class is perfect for every single Yoga practitioner, both the beginner and the experienced will benefit from it.

All levels are welcome. 


This class is perfect for those who are new to yoga or the students who want a nurturing yoga experience. In this class, poses will be practiced at a slow pace to help create a better and more conscious connection between your body and breath. Level One is appropriate for students with no experience or little one or for the yogis who want to restore their body and mind after a long day. Beginners are welcome!



This class is an exploration of yoga postures connecting them through attention to breathing, alignment and mindfulness. Build flexibility, while immersing yourself in a class that moves at a perfectly slower pace – allowing ample time to enjoy each pose.  This class is designed to be fun, accessible, balanced and transformative.

No experience required.


Class will start with a few stretch poses to add flexibility to your body, improving your posture, increasing range of motion and reducing muscle tension. Follow with restorative poses supported with props, that will help you relieve muscular and inner tension. A restorative practice will help you balancing the nervous and digestive system, lifting the immune system and preparing the body for healing, growth and repair. This class is the antidote for stress! A small-guided mediation will be offer in the beginning or at the end of class.  

No experience required. 


Elevate your traditional yoga practice with the assistance of a hammock. The fabric will assist you in creating a new perspective on the body alignment and movement. Aerial yoga will enhance your mat practice. Students will achieve traditional yoga postures while putting less pressure on your hands, neck and shoulders. It will help you decompress your neck and spin.

No yoga experience needed 

Energetic Vinyasa

This class will be a mixture of prana-filled movement, through vibrant yet fluid vinyasa flows and active energetic techniques, all aimed at freeing up stuck energy. Modifications are offered for less experienced students, but prior yoga experience is welcomed.



In this aerial yoga class the hammock is hung 2 feet distance from  the floor.  You will practice a gentle form of flowing movement that sooth the tired body, releases tight muscles and at the same time energizes the body. This amazing class is a great way to rejuvenate and refresh the body and mind during the day and have you ready to continue with your daily runs. No experience required!



If you are a busy person on the go or want to stretch and re energize your body and refresh your mind during your lunch break  try this 45 minutes aerial yoga with all the benefits of a 60 minute class. No experience required!




Yin Yoga is a gentle, quiet, and meditative practice that teaches us to relax and accept ourselves just as we are. All poses are done on the floor so that the muscles can relax and allow the deep connective tissues surrounding the hips, thighs, and lower back to be gently stretched. With age flexibility in the joints decreases and Yin Yoga is a wonderful way to maintain or improve the flexibility. No experience required!